Ip based lighting solutions provide the following:


  • Far greater control of how we use lighting in buildings

  • Lighting that is compliant with Well building standards

  • Truly Flicker free even when using Circadian rhythm lighting

  • Provide Data analytics

  • Multi Protocol inputs such as Modbus, BACnet, Dali and DMX

  • Using Cat6/6A structured cabling systems

  • Removes the need for 230V AC in the ceiling

  • Significantly reduces opex & maintenance costs

System Benefits

  • Can use any LED luminaire so completely flexible when comes to design

  • Removing all electronics from ceiling dramatically reduces on going operating expenses costs

  • No need for access equipment for lighting maintenance so no disruption to working areas
  • All electronics are housed in Comms racks so very easy to maintain
  • Ceiling becomes a SELV environment for all lighting so very safe and no need for electricians to install or maintain


Centralised Systems Simplify Infrastructure


DALI install

Centralized install



Benefits for the occupants:

  • Well Building Standard v2 ‘ Lighting is a key element’
  • Flicker-free with option of  biodynamic colour tuning, to enhance compliance with the WELL Buildings standard
  • Totally flicker-free operation – even when dimmed provides comfortable and healthy space
  • Improves wellness & productivity of employees 
  • Lighting can be controlled by users using apps on mobile devices providing flexible control


Smart Intelligent Lighting Solutions deliver the following:

  • Provide per port (Luminaire) energy management reports
  • Realtime fault reporting
  • Integration with BMS & HVAC systems for greater building intelligence
  • Space management of buildings enabling better understanding of building utilization 
  • Optimised space utilisation for desks using iSpayce® enabling  far better understanding of desk usage
  • Bluetooth Location based Services
  • In the future the lighting infrastructure will become tomorrow’s network using Li-FI working in tandem with Wi-Fi


Intelligent Control

intelligent control


 Li-Fi Will Be The Future

li fi


lifi 2

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